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We are currently preparing an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to create a minimal waste Black Seed Farmers Market!

As Worcester is booming, so is the production of waste. We’ve noticed the issue that this produces:

Waste littering our streets, but also going into water ways leading into the ocean – harming wildlife…

Trash does not disappear, is not always someone else’s treasure, and gets captured in ocean currents – harming paradise!

83 Massachusetts cities and towns have already taken action to ban plastic waste, plastic bags – at Black Seed Farmers Market we are doing our part by getting rid of plastic bags and other single-use plastic items.

With your help we want to purchase the tools that help us create a minimal waste store: We will be selling reusable products – access to buying in bulk, eco-friendly household products…

Our Goal:

Reduce packaging



Environmental Awareness

Minimal Waste

With your help we will be able to fund:

Initial purchasing of reusable products for the market


In order to create a cleaner city and cleaner environment, we need help from our community! Please sign-up for updates on our Indiegogo here!